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House District 107

Full Questionnaire text can be found here.  All answers are verbatim with the exception that explanations that started with a lower case letter were capitalized.

Question 1: Do you support legislation that would create a strong fully funded, comprehensive tobacco retail licensing system in Michigan that includes strong enforcement and penalties on violators? 

Jodi Decker: Yes. If there's a law to ban it, it should be enforced.

Neil Friske: Did Not Respond

Question 2- Do you support simplifying the taxation rate to a uniform rate of 32% that covers all tobacco products?

Jodi Decker: Yes. That seems fair.

Neil Friske: Did Not Respond

Question 3- Do you support legislation that would reduce or eliminate ineffective Purchase, Use and Possession laws?

Jodi Decker: Yes. I have a criminal justice degree, prevention is always the better option.

Neil Friske: Did Not Respond

Question 4- Do you support increasing Michigan's annual expenditures for cessation and prevention services to a minimum of $10 million annually to support the two-thirds (68%) of people who currently smoke and would like to quit?

Jodi Decker: Yes. I think most people paying almost $9 or more per pack would prefer to quit, it just takes the will. If the state puts forth a real effort it could help people save money, which is another educational aspect. Most people can't afford it but are hooked.

Neil Friske: Did Not Respond

Question 5- Do you support recognizing Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists as a profession for Medicaid billing?

Jodi Decker: Yes. I would however, expect to see documentation to back up any billing.

Neil Friske: Did Not Respond

Question 6- Do you support giving pharmacists the authority to prescribe all seven tobacco cessation medications?


Jodi Decker: No. I am not aware of the side effects of all of them but some have been shown to have mental health effects. I would leave prescribing to a doctor.

Neil Friske: Did Not Respond

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