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House District 63

Full Questionnaire text can be found here.  All answers are verbatim with the exception that explanations that started with a lower case letter were capitalized.

Question 1: Do you support legislation that would create a strong fully funded, comprehensive tobacco retail licensing system in Michigan that includes strong enforcement and penalties on violators? 

Kelly Noland: Yes. We have strict liquor control and we should be applying the same type of laws regarding tobacco.

Jay DeBoyer: Did Not Respond

Question 2- Do you support simplifying the taxation rate to a uniform rate of 32% that covers all tobacco products?

Kelly Noland: Yes. Simplification is key


Jay DeBoyer: Did Not Respond

Question 3- Do you support legislation that would reduce or eliminate ineffective Purchase, Use and Possession laws?

Kelly Noland: Yes. In the past, big tobacco used cartoon like ads to draw kids. It was supposed to be phased out but I see it's still prevalent and it needs to be stopped.


Jay DeBoyer: Did Not Respond

Question 4- Do you support increasing Michigan's annual expenditures for cessation and prevention services to a minimum of $10 million annually to support the two-thirds (68%) of people who currently smoke and would like to quit?

Kelly Noland: Yes.  Support in mental health and other services are vital to someone quitting successfully.


Jay DeBoyer: Did Not Respond

Question 5- Do you support recognizing Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists as a profession for Medicaid billing?

Kelly Noland: Yes. If a licensed professional gives care, they should be paid for it.

Jay DeBoyer: Did Not Respond

Question 6- Do you support giving pharmacists the authority to prescribe all seven tobacco cessation medications?


Kelly Noland: Yes. To be honest, a pharmacist is the expert in drugs more so than a doctor because they are using and updating their knowledge sooner than physicians and have the edge in knowing about drug interaction, it makes sense to use these skills to benefit the patient.


Jay DeBoyer: Did Not Respond

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