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Senate District 14

Full Questionnaire text can be found here.  All answers are verbatim with the exception that explanations that started with a lower case letter were capitalized.

Question 1: Do you support legislation that would create a strong fully funded, comprehensive tobacco retail licensing system in Michigan that includes strong enforcement and penalties on violators? 

Kevin Daley: Yes. Yes, limiting youth access to tobacco products is an important tool in lowering the overall
smoking rate. Fully funding the licensing and enforcement programs would be crucial to this

Charles Stadler: Did Not Respond

Question 2- Do you support simplifying the taxation rate to a uniform rate of 32% that covers all tobacco products?

Kevin Daley: Yes. Yes, all tobacco products should be treated identically. There is no difference between them
when dealing with health risks.

Charles Stadler: Did Not Respond

Question 3- Do you support legislation that would reduce or eliminate ineffective Purchase, Use and Possession laws?

Kevin Daley: Yes. Yes, punishing youth for using and possessing tobacco with a misdemeanor is both ineffective and can have substantial negative impacts on the future of the youths. The state has been taking another approach to juvenile justice and removing the misdemeanor and replacing it with a civil infraction would be in line with those changes.

Charles Stadler: Did Not Respond

Question 4- Do you support increasing Michigan's annual expenditures for cessation and prevention services to a minimum of $10 million annually to support the two-thirds (68%) of people who currently smoke and would like to quit?

Kevin Daley: Yes. Yes, if this money was from the tobacco settlement dollars. We need to make sure that the funds are being dedicated to what they are meant to accomplish, and that this service is being carried out effectively. That is for what that money was intended to be used. Additional GF dollars would likely be better used on other priorities.

Charles Stadler: Did Not Respond

Question 5- Do you support recognizing Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists as a profession for Medicaid billing?

Kevin Daley: No. No, this is a function that is already covered under existing license types. Additional licenses and the associated regulatory structure and costs would only take resources away from another important government function.

Charles Stadler: Did Not Respond

Question 6- Do you support giving pharmacists the authority to prescribe all seven tobacco cessation medications?


Kevin Daley: Yes. Yes, this is another tool to increase access to smoking cessation tools. Pharmacists are trained and educated in this area and can safely practice.

Charles Stadler: Did Not Respond

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