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TFM Membership: 

Becoming a Member of TFM begins a partnership of change. Together, we can stop

the tobacco industry and save lives.   TFM offers individual and organizational memberships.  All memberships include multiple benefits including discounted fees for events like the annual conference and access the TFM Updates.

Recurring Memberships:

Clean Air Club ($10/month):

Support strong tobacco policy without worrying if your membership is current by making automatic monthly gifts to Tobacco Free Michigan.

Smoke Free Supporters ($20/month):

As a Smoke Free Supporter you help ensure that TFM has the resources it needs to reduce the impact of tobacco no matter when the threat arises.

​Individual Memberships:

Family membership ($60):

TFM fights strongly to oppose youth oriented tobacco products and marketing because we all know the reduce tobacco use is to prevent a teenager from starting.

Individual membership ($35):

Big tobacco has millions of addicted users to support bad health policies.  We need an equal army of individuals to support good health policies.

Living Lightly membership ($20):

The Living Lightly membership is intended for seniors, students, or those in financial hardships that cannot afford the individual membership but still want to support TFM's efforts.

Organizational Memberships

Non-profit/Coalition Organization membership ($150):

As front-line service providers non-profit community organizations and health coalitions are key to presentation and cessation.  Joining TFM as an organization allows up to four staff to receive discounted entry to TFM events and all staff to get the TFM update.

For-profit Organization membership ($300):

Many policy makers want to know what the business community thinks about tobacco control.  Joing TFM tells them that you care about the health and safety of your customers and employees and understand the financial benefits associated with reducing tobacco use.  As with non-profit members, for-profit members can have four staff to receive discounted entry to TFM events and all staff to get the TFM update.  

Corporate Sponsor ($1,000+):

Email for more information regarding the benefits of becoming a corporate sponsor.

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