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Each year, Tobacco-Free Michigan offers grants to our members for innovative projects. This year's grants will be focused on engaging youth in the tobacco free movement, increase public awareness of ENDS or serving as a pilot for a project that could reduce the impact that tobacco has on the public health of your community.

In addition to the regular mini-grants, this year we have earmarked some funds for youth advocacy projects. If you have a group of kids interested in learning how to become a tobacco control advocate, take a trip to the Capitol to meet their legislators or otherwise educate policy makers on strong, evidence based tobacco policy we have a special pool of funds earmarked for you!

Both grants use the application package that can be found here.  Regular mini-grants applications are due August 15.  Youth Advocacy Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.

If you would like to support more projects like this please make a contribution using the Donate button above.

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